Distinctive Rolex Cellini Replica Watches UK With Rectangle Cases

Thanks to the two important technology of “water resistant Oyster case” and “Perpetual movement”, the perfect fake Rolex watches become favored by the watch lovers all over the world. But Cellini hasn’t adopted these technology. So they are not as popular as other models of Rolex since it was launched.

The Rolex Cellini Prince has also been called as "doctor watch".
Gold Dial Fake Rolex Cellini

In 2005, Rolex released the brand new Cellini Prince, marking it as the most distinctive model to promote the sales. This Rolex Cellini copy watch with gold case has maintained the rectangle appearance of the Rolex Prince in 1928. Indeed, the Cellini Prince is recognizable, which could be considered as the great breakthrough of modern Rolex.

The movement could be viewed through the transparent case back.
Rare Knockoff Rolex Cellini Prince

The small seconds indication is especially designed for doctors, making it convenient to read the second time to count the pulse of the heart rate. So the brown leather strap imitation watch has also been called as “Doctor Watch”. If turning over the timepiece, you will be amazed about the movement that could be viewed through the transparent case back.

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